House of Literature and Art

(Immovable Object )

King`s George Α` Square 13-19

The HLA is a seven flour building located in the most central square of Patras, King’s George A’ Square. It is a cultural centre and hosts services of the Municipal Theatre of Patras, the Municipal Dancing Department, the Deputy Mayorship for Education, transparency and electronically consultancy, the Museum of History and Ethnology and two conference rooms. It was built on 1973 during the Greek Military Junta and until today it serves its initial reasons for being built. It is a representative building of the architecture of that period, a tall and drab building with no sign of architectonic beauty. After the end of junta, the Municipality of Patras changed the façade of the building in order to preserve the neoclassical architecture of the environment

The HLA is located in the most central and famous square of Patras city. All the important events take place there: protests, carnival, charities, Christmas events etc. Furthermore, it is located next to “Apollon Theatre” a miniature of the Theatre Scala of Milan, designed by Ernst Ziller. For the Military Junta the cultural centres were of high importance and this is the reason why they built it in the heart of the city, in order to be accessible and visible from everyone.

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