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Home Object Catalogue “Edmondo de Amicis” Primary School

“Edmondo de Amicis” Primary School

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Viale della Libertà 21, 23, 25, City of Forlì
Emilia Romagna, Italy

The building occupies a large block with wide gardens used as an outdoor gym. It has a large, quadrangular plan whose fourth side, which runs parallel to the road and is opposite the entrance side, is a kind of large stone conservatory for indoor recreation. The building was the first important project entrusted to the design engineer Arnaldo Fuzzi who opted for a language that conformed to local eclectic stereotypes and was based on consolidated layouts designed to ensure the good functionality of this type of building. Heavily influenced by the research in materials carried out by F. Di Fausto in Predappio, the overall colour effect contrasts the high concrete base, modulated by repeated ornaments, with the warm yellow-pinkish tones of the bricks fired in the local Hoffmann kilns. The decoration of the entrance arches, which are all connected to their impost by cornices that line the entire perimeter, is characterized by the alternation of header bricks and concrete fascias. The entire school area is enclosed by a typical brick and terracotta wall that replaced the original iron railings.