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Home Object Catalogue G.B. Morgagni – L. Pierantoni Hospital

G.B. Morgagni – L. Pierantoni Hospital

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Via Carlo Forlanini, 34 - Padiglione Vallisneri, -
Emilia Romagna, Italy

The building belongs to the Vecchiazzano sanatorium centre. It was the last building to be changed. The building site was selected by Mussolini himself. The building complex was built based on a typical 19th century building type, whose shape had strong symbolic meanings, more specifically the Allende pavilion is tanker-shaped, in line with the futurist vanguards in terms of celebration of modern times and the myth of machines. As the other buildings, the main side is south-east oriented in order to receive as much sunlight as possible, with continuous porches with decks starting from the central body. This pavilion used to host patients on the way to recovering, who could also carry out craft activities in order to be reintroduced into the working sector after the hospitalization. It is composed of a ground floor, a mezzanine floor –main entrance- and two other floors. A basement gallery connects all of the buildings of the Sanatorium Centre.