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Home Object Catalogue Former Administration Headquarters of Velenje Coal Mining Company

Former Administration Headquarters of Velenje Coal Mining Company

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Rudarska cesta 6, Velenje
Savinjska , Slovenia

The object is a two-floor building with flat roof. It was built in 1959 by the architect Aljoša Aljančič. It is based on one of the most influential architects of the time- Le Corbusier. The building embodies all five principles of his new architecture. The pilots elevate the mass of the building off the ground, which gives the impression of floating. Free, unbuilt ground floor enables views through the building over the nature. The designing of free ground floor plan is achieved with the separation of load-bearing columns from partition walls. Also the free design of the façade is enabled with separating the facade from the building’s structural function. The last two characteristics of Le Corbusier’s architecture, a long horizontal window and a flat roof, are also evident here.