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New municipal administration building

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Trg Lazara Nešica br. 1, Subotica
North Bačka District, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia

The building has value as the first tourist facility, which has been the tallest in the city for a long time and represents a good example of buildings from the sixties. Tourist will feel the tendency to monumentality, simplicity of construction, the use of combination of new materials such as glass, aluminium. The functionality of the building is adapted to the purpose, the public service, for which it is used today. The interior of the building has narrow stairways and corridors, spacious offices, which clearly shows the orientation to the needs of employees rather than citizens as users. Inside the hall there are no benches, chairs or seats, which reminds visitors to the speed of solving tasks, by the rules, no waiting. Traffic access to the facility is excellent, with plants around. Strolling through the city, for the architectural tour representatives of real-socialism, it is the first building to look at. Tourist valorization is good because it provides an opportunity of feeling the rush and the environment today, the spirit of the times when the building was built.