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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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Trg Cara Jovana Nenada br. 15, Subotica
North Bačka District, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia

The building is interesting for visitors as an awkward example, the desire for domination over the style of the past / in the vicinity of the two churches and art nouveau Town Hall /, obscure basic concepts and changing the goals in the course of construction. The tall cube-shaped building, the top of which is crowded with transmitters, looks mismatched in the proximity of the bell tower of the church, makes the entire building a symbol of inconsiderate construction. The interior of the building is equipped with furniture from the period of real socialism. The building is maintained inside and some rooms are modern so the visitor place can compare two different times at the same. Although a small plateau in front of the building with lights somewhat improves the appearance of the entrances, the building itself shows ill-conceived and implemented elements of the social construction of real-socialism time. Lack of greenery makes the building even further jutting out, inappropriately located. Despite the negative connotations of the architecture of the building, the building is full of various attractions, events, a great many people moving in it, it’s “living”, «PEOPLE» make it, it’s the meeting place of different generations and versatile cultural events take place in it. Visitors will experience the dimension of the meeting, transition of the old to the new value of 21 century.