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Home Object Catalogue Mihe Pintarja Toledo Primary School

Mihe Pintarja Toledo Primary School

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Kidričeva cesta 21, Velenje
Savinjska , Slovenia

The object is a one-storey primary school occupying 5089.6 m2. It has a special fanned-out layout designed according to contemporary pedagogical principles. Both main entrances to the object are located on the northern side, in the extension of the two main corridors. Both of them connect the school premises on northern and southern side. Between them, on the north, there is the administrative part with the main hall which is also used for various performances and exhibitions. The hall opens to a spacious school lawn. On the south there are eight classrooms attached to eastern and western corridors. The fanned-out design of the school enables high quality teaching environment since each classroom is illuminated from two sides and has a private exit to the patio.