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Czechoslovak National Bank

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Štúrova 2 812 85 Bratislava Slovak Republic , Bratislava I.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Monumental edifice of National Bank is marked by processes, which were taking place in Slovak architecture significant for time-period of building's emergence. This period was marked by rising influence of Novecento from Mussolini's Italy and turn from modern movement towards classicist hybrid of architecture of National Socialism in Germany. The building of National Bank belongs to one of the best pieces of architect Emil Belluš and shows his ability of sensitive adaptation on actual social dynamics. The facade composition is formed mainly by travertine facing, which in accord with classicist scheme grades from roughly worked tiles in the ground-floor to the fine worked tiles on the upper floors. The Facade on the main-entrance side is the most significant one. It is dominated by large void between the masses of higher side-wings of the building. This void was intended for installing of sculpture representing ancient Greek god Hermes - the god of merchants (and thieves as well). Another often referenced detail is the main gate made of square cassettes of stainless metal plate.