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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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á Dubnica, -
Bratislava, Slovakia

Master Plan as well as single architectural objects of Nová Dubnica, were designed by former member of Czech avant-garde Jiří Kroha with intention to develop a design plan for a model socialist town. The design of a town for cca 20-25 thousand inhabitants includes formal features of traditional urbanism, which however on behalf of their fragmentation can lead up to an unconvincing result. along the main boulevard feature arcades, which elegantly turn into inner-block area. In their form of large arcs which are standing on massive pillars, they create a very good composition. The crossing of main boulevard with lateral axis is the location of high-rise houses with towers and wooden pavilions in, curiously, oriental fashion. Houses on the eastern side of boulevard have wall joint lines visible on the facades, which probably was an attempt for demonstrating the belonging to the trend of soviet building prefabrication.