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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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Scanderbeg Square

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Bulevardi “Deshmoret e Kombit”, Sheshi Skenderbej, Tirana, Albania, Tiranë
Tirana, Albania

The idea of the architect Brasini, was the creation of a Roman Island, in the center of the city, keeping it apart from the rest of the city, which was a kind of an very prominent oriental market character. This proposal consisted in developing a huge wide boulevard, with direction from north to south, giving a monumental and governmental power to the center, as a new developed part of the city, leaving out of it the old town. The Ministries Square and the Grand Boulevard, where distinctively the central core of the city, inspired by the dependence of the Italian Renaissance, and reflecting this way the wish of the time authorities to build a modern city, in the style of the well known contemporary architecture. This complex is performed by a mixture of reinforced concrete and brickwork, with the use of decorative cornices, tiny ornaments and sculptures as well, featuring a high architectural quality and a powerful drive to look imposing.