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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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Botosani County Prefecture

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1-3 Revolution Square, Botosani
Moldavia, Romania

Construction that intertwines Le Corbusier's and local architecture influences. T shape building with unequal arms having a height regime of S+P+4E that was conceived to shelter a political-administrative function illustrating very well the relation between politics and architecture of the short period of liberalization from communist dictatorship. Built to be the main construction in a square where is placed also Mihai Eminescu Theater (located on a late XIX century building) and the Town Hall (located on a building from late XIX century-beginning of XX century). “it is an important presence in the city residence of a county, with a prominent representative character. It must mediate and express blend of the party and state activities in the political life of the country, as well as the broad participation of the masses in public organizations…” says the text of Arhitectura magazine 1/1973. We have in front of us one of the late architectural examples from the liberalization period that will be followed from the beginning of the XVIII decade and in the next decade, by a Stalinist period in found not in the form as the one from 1948-1958.