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Home Object Catalogue Radio hall – Concert Studio “Mihail Jora”

Radio hall – Concert Studio “Mihail Jora”

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Strada General H.M.Berthelot 60-64, Sector 1
Muntenia, Romania

Volumetric composition of the Radio Hall was designed in the first phase of design and has remained unchanged until today. The project had a land development side about 180 m, containing an existing building owned by the Radio Broadcasting Corporation. The land is located at the intersection (under an acute angle) of two streets that ends in a small square in a traditional residential neighborhood. a symmetrical composition carried along bisector of the angle between the two streets, facing the square in the intersection. The complex included a bar P 8 offices, buildings along the street side lateral P 5 and P 2 (recording studios, technical areas) forming a U and a concert hall with 1000 seats dual function of studio recordings and live performances , facing the square