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Deed of concession

Deed of concession
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Language: Greek
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Description: The Deed of Concession is an official document certifying the concession of the building where today is located the House of Literature and Art, from the Greek government to the Municipality of Patras.

Correlation: This document was published by the Kingdom of Greece 1912 (this was the official name of the Greek State that time), where the Ministry of Economy seizes the ground, where now is located the House of Literature and Art, to the Municipality of Patras with the amount of 35.500 drachmas.

Holder Person:

Notes: The document was signed by the Minister of Economy who had duties on 1912, by the president of the Court of Audit and the geometrical head. The deed of Concession belongs to the Municipality of Patras and specifically the Revenue Directorate, Municipal Property and Contributions’ Department which has the whole administration of the building and keeps the original data