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Official Opening of the Port Infrastructures (9/4/1971) at Patras

id: 330
Resource type: Video
Resource category: MP4 File
Language: Greek
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Description: The duration of the video is 34 sec (from 03.57.20 to 04.31.20) and it depicts the official opening of the Port developmental works at Patras. Its shows the vast amount of people who attended the opening (the regime wanted to show that the public welcomes enthusiastically the achievements of the Military Junta). Furthermore, attendants at the inauguration were representatives from the church authorities as it is widely known that the Military Junta had very good relations with Church.

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Notes: The vreator is the Hellenic National Audio Visual Archive which has a vast number of videos and provides access to original shots from it digital collection regarding openings, exhibitions and important events from 1944 to 1981 and 1982-1996, which were recorded by the “Ellinika Epikera”, based on videos of that era. The video’s rights belong to the “Ellinika Epikaira” (code T13409) and the Hellenic National Audio Visual Archive has undertaken the digitalization of the videos produced by “Ellinika Epikaira” After communication with the Hellenic National Audio Visual Archive, we were informed that we can use the link which appears the video. We cannot download it, we can publish only the website which leads the visitor to the home page of the Hellenic National Audio Visual Archive