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Dock A’s Elevation 1 by K.Oudatzi

Dock A’s Elevation 1 by K.Oudatzi
id: 344
Resource type: Photographic
Resource category: JPEG File
Language: Greek
Name of original file: Dock A’s Elevation 1 by K.Oudatzi

Link: -
ID Code:
Description: Elevation of Dock A; view from the internal longitudinal axis of Dock A, showing (from left to right) the Museum of Contemporary Art, Warehouse B, Warehouse C and the Port Authority. Drawn for the mild regeneration project that took place in 2011-2012, by architect Kyriaki Oudatzi.

Correlation: This is an elevation correlated to Object “Dock A”.

Holder Person:

Notes: This image has been used with the kind distribution and permission of Kyriaki Oudatzi.