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Dock A’s Elevation 2 by K.Oudatzi

Dock A’s Elevation 2 by K.Oudatzi
id: 345
Resource type: Other
Resource category: JPEG File
Language: Greek
Name of original file: Dock A’s Elevation 2 by K.Oudatzi

Link: -
ID Code:
Description: Elevation of Dock A; view from the side of the sea, from the East of Dock A, showing (from left to right) Warehouse C, Warehouse B, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Drawn for the mild regeneration project that took place in 2011-2012, by architect Kyriaki Oudatzi.

Correlation: This is an elevation correlated to the Object “Dock A”.

Holder Person:

Notes: This image has been used with the kind distribution and permission of Kyriaki Oudatzi.