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Celebration of 50 years of chemical factory „Zorka“ - Subotica

id: 483
Resource type: Video
Resource category: MP4 File
Name of original file: filmske novosti 1954

Link: Yugoslav film archive in Belgrade
ID Code:
Description: Presentation of artificial compost production in chemical factory „Zorka“ – Subotica for 50 years anniversary. This short video was presented as movie journal before the movies in cinemas.

Correlation: Video reflects the cult of working processes and economic growth in factories after the II World War. From chemical factory „Zorka“ – Subotica production line for blue stone was transfered in Šabac (it was called „Zorka“ – Šabac) and then production stopped. These factories do not exist any more.

Holder Person:

Notes: In Yugoslav film archive – Belgrade many movie journals are stored.