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News about success in economy – opening of first warehouse for kids and celebration in factory “Sever”

id: 486
Resource type: Video
Resource category: MP4 File
Name of original file: filmske novosti 1961

Link: Yugoslav film archive in Belgrade
ID Code:
Description: This video journal reflects opening of first warehouse for kids “MIKI”, with modern sales methods. In second part of the movie celebrational meeting of working council in factory “Sever” can be seen. “Sever” use to export its products in U.S.A. Factory use to have 1300 employees, and after the II World War factory only had 40 workers.

Correlation: Openings of private manufactures and companies with workers self-management practises enabled ideology to glorify economic growth. Many and celebrations are being organized in order to celebrate efficiency of socialistic regime.

Holder Person:

Notes: News of this type are played threw video journals before cinematic openings. This was highly effective media power that ideology used.