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Meeting of delegates for self-management in SFRJ

id: 487
Resource type: Video
Resource category: MP4 File
Name of original file: filmske novosti 1975 subotica klub samoupravljaca

Link: Yugoslav film archive in Belgrade
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Description: Meeting of delegates for self-management was held at New Municipality in Subotica. Economy issues were discussed, as well as payment system in SFRJ.

Correlation: Economy issues were connected with self-management system. Planned economy predominated. Free market and its principles were limited. Macro plans were designed by economy sectors. Growth was evident. Workers had their wages, no matter what happened with efficiency of the factories.

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Notes: Socialistic ideology, economy growth and payments could not be jeopardized. Companies and factories without profit and effectiveness were under control of the regime. SFRJ didn’t want to endanger socialistic ideology.