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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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High-rise Apartment and Commercial Building

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Address : Kersnikova cesta 1
Town/Suburb/City : Velenje
State/County/Province : Savinjska
Country : Slovenia
Description : The building is a 13-storey high-rise block with commercial ground floor.
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Traffic Guardhouse

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Address : Port Zone of Thessaloniki; 3rd platform on the 1st dock Area code: 54110
Town/Suburb/City : City of Thessaloniki
State/County/Province : Central Macedonia
Country : Greece
Description : The Traffic Guardhouse is a small-scale 3x3m square and prismatic building, with an area of 9,0sq.m. and a free height of 2,50m. and attic coating. It only consists of a ground floor.
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Patras Customs

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Address : Othonos Amalias Str.& Gounari
Town/Suburb/City : Patras city
State/County/Province : Patras
Country : Greece
Description : The building is located at the Zone of the Port of Patras The official opening of the Port Infrastructures, including the Customs, was on 09/04/1971 by the Greek Military Junta and the Customs was in use until the first half of 2011 when it was transferred to the new Port infrastructures. The building of the Customs consists of the ground floor, the first and the second floor. The length of the building is 90m and the width 18.3 m. It is one of the largest buildings of the port infrastructures. The building has strict horizontal and vertical lines and it is separated in many smaller spaces in order to host several offices. For a period, except for the Custom authorities, there were also located services of the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece and Tax services. After the big earthquake at Patras on June 2008, there were observed cracks at the wall so as the building needed immediate reconstruction in order to be safe again
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Education building

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Address : -
Town/Suburb/City : City of Forlì
Country : Italy
Description : The college was one of the most important projects in the province. In his design, the engineer Cesare Valle made an effort to mediate between celebratory motifs and functional needs.
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