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Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes

of the XXth Century in Urban Management

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Railway Station and Post Office

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Address : H-9022 Győr Révai utca 4-8.
Town/Suburb/City : Győr
State/County/Province : Győr-Moson-Sopron County
Country : Hungary
Description : The new Railway Station and Post Office was built after the Second World War strongly supported by the Stalinist Government in style of Socialist Realism.
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Luceafarul Theatre for children and youth

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Address : Grigore Ureche Street, no. 5, postcode 6600, Iasi
Town/Suburb/City : Iasi
State/County/Province : Iasi city - North-East of Romania
Country : Romania
Description : The Theatre was built between1977 – 1987, being inaugurated in December 1987 with a special performance. It is a public theatre specialized in plays not only for youth and children, as the title says, but also for families. Founded in 1949, as the Puppet Theatre, it became, in 1973, the Theatre for Children and Youth, and, in 1987, “Luceafărul” Theatre. The building is an extremely modern one and has two performances halls, large lobbies and production workshops. The largest hall is the most elegant one and has 450 seats, while the smallest one has 150 seats, used for miniature performances.
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House of Culture Velenje

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Address : Titov trg 4
Town/Suburb/City : Velenje
State/County/Province : Savinjska
Country : Slovenia
Description : House of Culture was designed by architect Oton Gaspari. Built in 1962, it represents one of the most important examples of post war architecture of the type in Slovenia. The building functions as a large sculpture which, with the use of perspective skills, gives the impression of an elevated stage, open to the crowd.
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Republic Square

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Address : -
Town/Suburb/City : Ljubljana
Country : Slovenia
Web Site :
Description : The Republic Square was originally named after the revolution that occurred in politics and society in 1990 and was followed by declaring independence from Yugoslavia
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